Author Services

Over the past three decades, I’ve been involved in the publishing industry from two sides—first as a publishing professional and later as an author of fiction and nonfiction books. During that time, I accumulated experience with large publishers, small presses, queer presses, and also university presses.

In addition, I’ve taught fiction writing to adults and undergraduates at places such as the CUNY Graduate Center, UNC Charlotte, and Charlotte Center for the Literary Arts. My teaching philosophy is that creative writing, like any other field, is hard work. By learning and practicing craft techniques, you become a better writer.

I’ve worked with fiction writers in many different genres, including literary, historical, women’s, young adult, horror, dystopian, and others. Under my guidance, authors develop their drafts into polished manuscripts ready for querying publishers and agents.


  • Coaching: You have a plot idea, characters, and maybe even some research, but you haven’t written any or much of the book. Coaching keeps you focused on completing chapters or stories while learning to master craft techniques.
  • Developmental editing: You have a complete draft that needs a professional eye on craft issues such as characterization, dialogue, plot, setting, POV, voice, and style. This service includes a close reading and extensive notes on both the strengths and short-comings of the manuscript. (No copy editing or proofreading)
  • Representation reading: You have a complete manuscript that needs a professional eye on issues related to inadvertent stereotyping or misrepresentation of a specific com-munity. In this service, I primarily read and comment on fiction with LGBTQIA and women’s/feminist content.

Please contact me for more details and pricing: pmartinac [at] gmail